About the Challenge

California is in a serious drought. 

For many living in California, clean water still flows freely through our taps to flush, wash our cars, and shower. But scientists say we still need another 11 trillion gallons of rain, and it is unlikely we'll meet our rainfall needs anytime soon.

The greatest impact of the drought is in the Central Valleywhere most of our food is grown. The Hetch Hetchy and other reservoirs are so low they can't continue to support our water use, and we still need water to grow food so we can eat. 

Some California families have to bathe with a bucket of bottled water because their wells are completely dry. These same families have watched acres and acres of fruit trees, vegetables, and almond orchards perish because of the drought. Meanwhile,

In summer 2014, 1.5 million people dumped over 6 million gallons of water on their heads to support the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. What if instead of throwing away buckets of water, the same people could help us get through the drought?

Each bucket of water is the same used in less than a 1-minute shower. In just 30 days we could save over 1.6 billion gallons of water, and over 3.2 billion gallons in 60 days.

That's water for your peaches, almonds, oranges, wine, artichokes and salad greens, and drinking water for the families who grow our food. 

You can make a difference. Take the Shower Bucket Challenge. 

Post a video of you and a friend (or "friend") taking a shower together with a single bucket of water. Have fun with it! Show your commitment to saving water -- and keep it family friendly. Challenge 3 other friends to take a bucket shower with someone of your choice (or theirs). 

Get your bucket on and take the challenge!

Find the complete challenge rules here


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